Mandy Moore on Being a Mom of 2: ‘Each day is going to present its own challenges, but also its own immense joy’

Through Emerson Pearson.

Mandy Moore remains grateful despite the new whirlwind of parenthood.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE For Gymboree’s Spring 2023 campaign, Moore made herself vulnerable to the « roller coaster of emotions » she’s been on since the birth of her second baby, Ozzie, in September.

Moore explained how she remains grateful for her parenting despite the massive change in routine that comes with the change in life.

« You wake up every day with endless gratitude, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s hard work, » she says.

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« And lack of sleep is something that’s a constant and makes everything even more difficult. But, I think, it’s just having the grace for ourselves as parents and as humans and acknowledging that each day will present its own challenges, but also its own immense joy.

The actress, 38, also has a 2-month-old son named Gus with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith. She further revealed how raising two young boys was both « the best and exhausting » job while acknowledging how « very lucky » she felt to be getting back to work on her hit series ‘This Is Us’. « while mothering two young boys.

« It’s really overwhelming, juggling schedules and feeling like you’re giving both kids everything and working extra, » she says. « But we are figuring it out and acknowledging that every day is going to be different. »

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