Manchin disputes claims that he rejected Democrats’ climate and energy spending


POLITICO reported late Thursday that Manchin rejected proposed energy and climate investments as part of the budget. reconciliation package. Earlier in the week, Manchin expressed concerns about the package following new inflation numbers that soared to 9.1%, telling reporters that anything Democrats spend needs to be ‘scrubbed’ to get better. ensure that it is not inflationary.

But Manchin sought to keep the door open for talks on Friday, which he said have been productive on climate action for months. « As far as I’m concerned, I want the climate, I want an energy policy, » he said.

« I think we need an energy policy that works for our country, » added the chairman of the Senate Energy Committee. « I think we need investment in new technologies that will be totally carbon free and we can do that with those investments as well, but we can’t expect those investments to produce the energy that we need. in a 10-year cycle without counting on the transition to the fossil that we need right now.

Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader chuck schumer and Chairman of Senate Finance Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), have been advocating for weeks to pass the package before the August recess. But Manchin said senators could return in September and pass the bill, « if it’s a good bill. »

« That’s the difference, they’re playing the political calendar and I don’t buy into that at all, » he said.


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