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Management of COVID by François Legault: “an observation of failure”, affirms Dominique Anglade

The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Dominique Anglade, does not mince words to criticize the management of COVID-19 by the Legault government.

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“Today, we can only note the inability of François Legault to effectively manage the 5e wave of crisis. I don’t understand how anyone can talk to us about “good news”. I would rather speak of an acknowledgment of failure, ”she said in a press release.

Dominique Anglade believes that the decisions of the last few weeks, such as the curfew and the closing of businesses, were improvised. According to her, such measures are unnecessary and based on polls rather than scientific data.

According to the Liberal leader, the “bad decisions” of the CAQ harm young people and the economy, in addition to delaying many surgeries.

“In addition to this load shedding in the health network, it is very worrying to hear that the government will put in place its load shedding plan in our schools,” says Anglade.

The latter criticizes the Prime Minister for the lack of a formal plan for the return to school. According to her, the quality of the air in schools and the lack of rapid tests continue to worry the population.

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