Man Using Metal Detector Finds Ring On Beach But Owner Tells Him To Throw It Away

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With this ring, I marry you… until I throw it into the sea?

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A metal sleuth from Jersey, England’s Channel Islands, found a wedding ring engraved « 1989 » on the shores of St Aubin’s Bay in September.

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Steve Andrews shared a photo of it to the Jersey Lost Ring Metal Detecting Facebook group, knowing it was « »a long shot » but hoping the simple gold ring could be returned to its rightful owner.

His Facebook post has been shared nearly 200 times.

The original owner did come forward. But surprisingly, she asked him to put the jewelry back where he found it, claiming she threw it away ‘on purpose after a bad divorce’.

The woman, who did not wish to be identified, told Steve, « I never want to see him again. »

Eventually, after hearing from the woman, he confirmed on the Facebook group that he would be putting the ring out to sea.

« I’ll put it back next time I’m there, » he wrote.


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