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man from Shreveport trying to save Fair Grounds Field | Community

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana – A man from Shreveport wants city leaders to see Fair Grounds Field more than just a doomed baseball field.

Devante Austin publishes the names of homicide victims outside the stadium. He thinks bringing home the Shreveport Swamp Dragons and Shreveport Captains or at least just saving the stadium could bring some positivity to the city. His effort to save the stadium is not new, but it is a renewed effort. In 2018, a petition to save the field had collected 2,500 signatures.

“I feel like this stadium could bring everyone together and stop the massacre of young people. People just have nothing to do and they don’t know that there is a story here to build on. Austin said.

Efforts to save the land have been taken to extremes since a mandatory proposal included plans to demolish what Austin calls a city staple. At the moment, rumors say that cats and bats have taken over the land.