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Major wind and renewable projects awarded to Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Québec will be able to move forward with the largest project in the history of Québec in terms of wind power and renewable energy. The Legault government grants him new vast supply projects.

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Quebec will authorize the launch, by Hydro-Quebec, of two calls for tenders for new supplies of wind and renewable energy. A 1,000 MW energy block for the wind power sector and a 1,300 MW energy block for the renewable energy sector (geothermal, solar, hydroelectric, etc.).

Prime Minister François Legault made the announcement this afternoon in Gaspésie.

“Today, we are announcing the launch of the largest market call for renewable energy in the history of Quebec (…) We are taking concrete action to electrify our economy,” said Mr. Legault.

Last winter, Hydro had already launched a project of 300 MW of wind power and 480 MW of renewable energy.


The electrification of transport and the energy transition announced by Quebec will cause energy demand to explode by 2029.

These new supplies will be made in the context of this growth, “in particular due to the development of new markets such as the battery sector, agricultural greenhouses, green hydrogen as well as by increased electrification linked to the energy transition”, mentions the government statement.

“Wind power, being now mature and competitive, must be more part of Quebec’s energy mix and help meet growing energy needs. The call for tenders for all renewable energy sources will make it possible to obtain the power sought at a very competitive price and to renew, in particular, contracts which will expire”, indicated the Minister of Energy. ‘Energy and Natural Resources, Jonatan Julien.

Explosion of demand

Hydro-Québec estimates that Québec’s electricity demand will jump by 12% by the end of the decade. The state corporation is talking about 20 TWh, more than twice the annual production of the Romaine hydroelectric plant.

“The launch of calls for tenders for new supplies will allow Hydro-Québec to respond to this growth and help support the energy transition,” said Sophie Brochu, President and CEO, Hydro-Québec.