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Macron, Ricoeur, and Machiavelli |  Humanity

The great philosopher Paul Ricœur (1913-2005) had a brilliant pupil, Emmanuel Macron, and would cry if he knew what became of him – a chameleon who turned politics into casuistry, where it’s just to adapt to the times and to reconcile one’s moral conscience with the overwhelming evidence of the cruelty and injustice of the world. It is Machiavellian to say the least.

Machiavelli is precisely Emmanuel Macron’s great reference. He studied him closely, as another of his teachers, François Dosse, tells us, who even qualifies him as a true disciple of Machiavelli, and who also makes him a character from Balzac, a Rubempré, a Rastignac, capable of saying everything. and its opposite according to its interest. Where you see essences, Emmanuel Macron only sees circumstances. For him as for Machiavelli, the legitimacy of politics is affirmed or invalidated only by success or failure. It is only a theory of taking and keeping power. Dosse recalls that Macron had announced a “Revolution”, the title of his 2017 campaign book, and that he only completed the current evolution “towards a more voluntarist neoliberalism than classic old-fashioned liberalism”. .