Macron points to “political attacks” after the opening of two investigations – POLITICO

Emmanuel Macron reacted this Friday morning, on the sidelines of a trip to Dijon, to the opening of two judicial inquiries announced the day before by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF).

One of the investigations opened concerns “the conditions of intervention of consulting firms in the electoral campaigns of 2017 and 2022”. Justice is also interested in the use of private consulting firms, including McKinsey, by state services following the Senate commission of inquiry on the subject.

“I learned like you from the press that there were associations and elected officials who had decided to take legal action. It is normal for justice to do its job, it does it freely”, revealed the president of the Republic.

“Things must be done with serenity and transparency”, he added, noting that “many political attacks have been made on the question of a consulting firm, and this is the subject of the instruction judicial”.

Although the PNF does not mention Emmanuel Macron by name in its press release, the President of the Republic has focused attention, in particular because of ongoing relations with certain consulting firms, including McKinsey. Several consultants of “La Firme” have indeed won the campaign of candidate Macron in 2017, as revealed at the time by the Macron Leaks, a set of communications published illegally online, then confirmed the hearings in the Senate of a McKinsey consultant.

“I fear nothing and (…) I believe that the heart of the investigation is not your servant”, however argued the president.

Emmanuel Macron recalled that his campaign accounts for the year 2017 had already been validated. However, this is not yet the case for those concerning his 2022 campaign. The National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Funding (CNCCFP) is currently examining the accounts of the various candidates and until December 24 to render its decisions.


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