Macron must make « big announcements » tomorrow

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An unprecedented summer in several respects

With 72,000 hectares of forest burned, the summer of 2022 will probably be remembered as much as the year 1976. This is five to six times more than the average for previous summers. “It was a very long fire episode,” summarizes the Elysée. “What was unprecedented was its distribution throughout the national territory. Usually, it is concentrated on the Mediterranean basin, whereas there, the main fires were in Gironde, in the Jura, Maine-et-Loire and even Brittany… »

Another novel feature: usually, it is France that flies to the aid of its neighbors in the summer period as in Kabylia or Spain last year; but this year, our neighbors came to lend a hand. « This is the first time that this has happened, » slips one of the president’s advisers.

Emmanuel Macron went to Gironde in mid-July when the department faced two devastating fires in La Teste-de-Buch and Landiras. He had already started to make announcements, but the culmination of his consultation and his reflection will be this Friday.

A “transformation” of firefighting

In the words of the president this summer, we must « change software » in the face of climate issues. « Extreme climatic events are set to recur on a recurring basis in Europe », supports one of the president’s advisers. “Neighboring countries have experienced the same situation. This foreshadows extremely difficult summers to come. »

This is why the Head of State should make announcements this Friday on the evolution of France’s tools to fight against these fires which are set to become widespread. In particular, it will be a question of the organization of Civil Security, even if the Elysée recalls that the budget of this body, which depends directly on the Ministry of the Interior, increased by 40% in 2017 on the arrival of Emmanuel Macron.

“Efforts must be increased, recognizes one of his advisers. Transformation is essential. We need to involve the population more and change our risk prevention model. Without forgetting the famous notion of “resilience” dear to the president. There will also be « many replanting sites », in conjunction with local authorities. The Elysée evokes the figure of 140 million trees by 2030. The subject of monoculture should also be mentioned. Announcements should also be made on the means, even if the Elysée recalls that France has « one of the most modern fleets in Europe ».


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