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Luc Dionne, the long-distance author

Luc Dionne is the Gérard Côté of television writing.

With the difference that Dionne is almost twice the weight of the famous runner from Saint-Hyacinthe, quadruple winner of the Boston marathon between the years 1940 and 1948. It is normal that it is thus, because Luc spends all his time seated, his eyes riveted on the screen and his fingers taped to his computer keyboard.

The famous Gérard Côté ended up taking off his sneakers after running 192,000 kilometers (exactly half the distance between the Earth and the Moon). In April, Luc Dionne will end District 31. He will have written some six million words. It’s roughly five times the combined seven volumes of Harry potter. JK Rowling can always go and get dressed!

It was only in the middle of the fourth season that I let myself be caught up in the Radio-Canada daily. I’m not a big fan of crime shows and I have reservations about staring at a screen rather than watching what I eat. Hélix, its ease of recording and the many friends who broke my ears with District 31 managed to overcome my resistance. I ended up not being able to do without these police officers, who seem to me more real than life.


Are they? Luc Dionne is better placed than I to answer the question. The only police officers I have known are the ones who stuck tickets on me. Each time our conversation came down to a few unintelligible muttered words between our teeth. As much on my side as on the side of the police. It is besides the only reproach which I make to those of District 31. Their dialogues often escape us because they mumble. Policewomen articulate. This is a good subject for study.

One day, a statue will have to be erected in Dionne. Name a street, a park or, better yet, a police station. What did I say ? Why not the SPVM headquarters? Luc has achieved what no one has yet achieved. To my knowledge, at least. He wrote a daily series which captivated during six television seasons, a third of the adult population of Quebec. Its police officers and policewomen have become intimate. They have preference over everything. Even on the phone calls we receive and the doorbell ringing.


We addicts District 31, will never look aggressively at police again. That is ! there are rascals, but they are not so numerous and Luc encamps them with as much sympathy as he stages his bandits. Do you really blame Denis Corbin and Tonio? Like me, would you like to drink coffee with Ryan Robin? We will miss the hoarse voice of Dan Bigras. Luckily there are still Ram truck ads!

District 31 would never have had such success without the contribution of Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau. This incredible series proves that they are both creative producers who know very well the inestimable value of authors. If the author is also called Luc Dionne, it is a diamond that we do not need to polish, because we know that it will shine.

This devil of a man could even with DPCP, his next series, succeed in making forget the beloved police officers of District 31. If he does, I’m not sure I’ll forgive him!