Lower the temperature

The summer was hot, the return to school is no less so. On the climate crisis as on the energy shortage, tempers are heating up. Private jets, swimming pools and golf courses are in the crosshairs, the government summons the bosses to quickly present sobriety plans, under penalty of sanctions. On the stands and TV sets, the temperature rises. How about lowering it a bit? The sense of urgency, yes, the wind of panic, no.

Heat waves, drought and fires have brutally imposed on a large majority of French people the need to change their behavior to preserve the environment. But, between “knowing” and “acting”, there is a step, which we are all tempted to delegate to our neighbour. To help us overcome it, La Croix L’Hebdo has delved into the reports of the IPCC in order to understand why the best scientists around the world have been warning for thirty years about the major risks facing the planet, at a deadline that continues to get closer. From their careful reading, Camille Richir and Marine Lamoureux, like others, were convinced that the solutions were within reach. Not necessarily at the same pace, but collectively.

Understand to take action, that is the philosophy of our magazine, again this year. It is illustrated in particular in a new section (1), “The French by themselves”, which succeeds “France seen by”, inaugurated last January for the electoral period. A maitre d’, soon a female firefighter, a lifeguard, a winegrower, a physiotherapist… First, they talk about each other, sharing with the reader the richness of their experience, then come two questions: “There, next, what would change your life? “And for tomorrow, an idea to change the world?” Between two fiery debates on the lawns of summer universities – before they resume in Parliament on October 3 – elected officials from all sides could find food for thought. And decision.


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