‘Love Is Blind’s’ Nancy Reflects on Abortion Convo with Fiancé Bartise

Love is blind is a show that always tackles serious issues. Difficult discussions about sexuality and religion are inevitable if you’re trying to decide whether or not to marry someone in a month. Love is blind Season 3, which is streaming new episodes on Netflix right now, doesn’t shy away from these very real, very honest, very uncomfortable, and very necessary topics.

Example: Nancy and Bartise go back and forth about the abortion, which happens in episode 6 while the couple is folding laundry. While speaking in an interview with Decider, above, Love is blind Nancy Rodriguez said the moment was bigger than the show itself. « I think for me having that conversation at that time was about the bubble that I was living in, which was my private living room with my private fiancé…and there happened to be cameras on. »

The conversation the cameras capture begins with a conversation about their timeline for having children; Nancy is 31 and her fiancé Bartise is 26. She is nervous about waiting any longer because she fears that the older she gets, the more difficult her pregnancy will be and the greater the risk that the child will be born with serious problems. increase. Nancy asks Bartise, « What would you do if you found out your child had a birth defect and you could abort the pregnancy? » Do you want to keep the baby?

Response from Bartise: “Damn no. Yeah, keep the baby. What the f – yeah. I couldn’t… Fuck no. What follows is a very serious discussion that couples often have to have, but it’s a discussion that we rarely see play out on television – whether scripted or real. And instead of moving on to another scenario, Love is blind stick with that convo no matter how tense it gets.

Love is blind - Nancy
Picture: Netflix

Rodriguez told Decider that discussions « about sexual reproduction or your body and what it means to protect your body and what it means to have options » don’t happen enough in the Latino community. « Looking back on it now, I just hope it opens up conversations about the options available, especially in Texas. [where the show was filmed]. We’re going through something really difficult right now with the right to choose and what it means to have life.

Nancy explains on the show that in her job as a speech therapist, she has had to work with children and families struggling with birth defects – sometimes to the point that families are separated. « I would cry almost every day, » Nancy tells Bartise in the episode. « For me, if I knew I could try again and hope the second time would be better, then I would go that route to be honest. »

When the episode 6 scene expands to unplanned pregnancies in general, Bartise says he thinks people get a pass if they’re young and unable to support a child financially. Nancy counters, asking what happens if you have your one-time pass and then get raped, or have sex with someone who punched a hole in the condom. Bartise admits that these are extenuating circumstances and that his “one-shot” rule does not apply.

After a surprisingly calm and patient conversation, which is quite rare on Love is blind, Nancy sums up her position as follows: “I don’t think I have a say in anyone’s body. If you have to have an abortion for some XYZ reason, do it.

Now that the episode and this exchange are streaming for millions on Netflix, Rodriguez hopes this discussion inspires more discussion and, more importantly, information to those who need it.

« I just hope that somebody who’s watching, if they’re asking questions, if there’s something they want to look into, that they find the resources or at least know that this is a conversation that can have an open heart, an open mind, » Rodriguez said. « I think even though Bartise and I didn’t have the same views, we were able to respectfully say what we said and then try to move on. »

It remains to be seen how this difference affects the future of the relationship between Nancy and Bartise in the series, which was filmed almost a year and a half ago. In the next episode, Bartise talks to her family about Nancy’s stance on abortion and they have a backlash. You will have to wait for the Love is blind Season 3 finale on Nov. 9 to see if Nancy and Bartise overcome that hurdle.


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