Louis Champagne: Admiring the Gods of Wrestling

Although he preferred the park to television, Louis Champagne allowed himself to be won over by certain events that had become unavoidable at home. It vibrated during fights in the ring or during different shows. And he still remembers those precious moments very well.

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Louis, what is the TV appointment that most marked your youth?

During my youth, I sang in church and during the sermon, we went to the rectory to listen to the Sunday fight with my gods: Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon, Abdullah the Butcher, the Rougeau brothers and Dino Bravo. It was a real sin to eat fudge.

What are your fondest childhood TV memories?

Sitting on the floor, in front of the 12-inch black and white TV, we listened Beautiful Sundays. Thanks to major concerts and TV theatre, my sisters and I have developed our artistic streak.

Did you watch a lot of TV when you were young?

Not really, actually. Let’s just say iPads didn’t exist and our little TV wasn’t too appealing. So we preferred to play in the park. But Trifle, candy and The Little House On The Prairiewe did not miss that.

Is there a character who influenced you?

Goldorak: the man, the myth, the robot. [Le personnage de la populaire série animée japonaise est débarqué au Québec en 1978 sur les ondes de Télé-Métropole, NDLR.]

Is there still a song from a show that sticks in your mind?

rock on for the Little Beaver. [C’est l’histoire du Petit Castor/Le plus petit, mais le plus fort/[…] And once it’s started/Nothing can stop it, editor’s note.]

Is there a character you would have liked to play for children?

I would have liked to play in Pop Citrouille or Minibus, and interpret Centour [personnage principal de l’émission Les 100 tours de Centour] would have been the best of the best.

What universe did you want your children to discover?

That of Ground and Goblet. These two clowns, we listened to them when my children were younger, but my love at first sight for the two great actors who personified them [respectivement Marc Favreau et Luc Durand] will not have seduced mine.

Louis Champagne put on his colony inspector habit for reality TV The devil’s lot: the conquest of the sea just started broadcasting Historia. The Great Adventure is offered on Fridays at 8 p.m. The artist will also be in the cast of the acclaimed We serieswhose second season will land on Club illico on December 8.


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