“Loto-Méno” series: “I am still told about it every day”, says Véronique Cloutier

Véronique Cloutier confided in the feeling of pride that has inhabited her since the release of her documentary series Loto-Menobut also on his impostor syndrome.

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“What I did was I brought forward the subject of menopause and propelled the demands of the DD Sylvie Demer. On the other hand, we must not forget that she had been leading this fight for a very long time before me. It’s not my fight,” said Véro during an interview with Sophie Durocher on QUB radio.

On May 25, the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, announced that he had facilitated access to hormone therapy by allowing two hormones to now be covered by the General Drug Insurance Plan of Quebec.

About 260,000 women had signed the petition entitled « Loto-Méno: For access to bio-identical hormone therapy », a petition launched after the broadcast of the documentary Loto-Meno at Radio Canada.

More than a year and a half after its release, the opinion documentary is still causing a lot of reaction.

“The series was released in June 2021, and since then I have received testimonies every day from women who tell me about Loto-Meno. The impact is great and present. It touches me so much and it upsets me at the same time, because I did it for that. Women now feel less alone and recognize themselves,” Véronique said on QUB radio.

Fewer stereotypes towards postmenopausal women

“Before, it was mockery, discriminatory remarks like “the good woman is menopausal, stupid, she is hot”. Now, we understand the suffering that it can hide, the menopause.

The popular TV host recalled that the most difficult thing for a woman going through menopause is to no longer recognize herself, to no longer love herself when she looks in the mirror, to no longer have confidence in herself.

« I often said to my husband when I was in my perimenopause: ‘I hate the woman I’m becoming.’ It was through conflicts and discussions that I realized that I was the problem. Everything went better when I put words to how I felt,” explained Véronique Cloutier with emotion.

Véronique Cloutier gave an interview to Sophie Durocher on the occasion of the release of the magazine’s special issue Vero relating to menopause.


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