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The National Association of Communist and Republican Elected Officials is no more. Long live the Cooperative of elected communist republicans and citizens! During this weekend’s congress in Montreuil, our association changed its name, with new statutes, a new team and a renewal of 63% of our board of directors marked by a rejuvenation of our members and perfect parity women-men. All focused on a common goal: the senatorial elections of 2023 and the municipal elections of 2026!

We were nearly 350 elected officials, over three days, women as much as men, cardholders or not, young people and experienced elected officials, rural people and urban, coming from metropolises, medium-sized towns, the coast or the mountains. After the Covid crisis which separated us, it was a reunion but above all serene and lucid exchanges on the political situation which forces us to surpass ourselves.

Everywhere, we carry the motto « Liberty, Equality, Fraternity ». We have our feet in the ground and our heads in the stars to defend our progressive struggles. Always driven by the thirst for progress for future generations despite social inequalities, the climate and energy crisis, and the government’s authoritarian attempt to put an end to municipalities and local communities. On the eve of the Congress of Mayors and following the mobilizations of our parliamentarians and our local elected officials, this gathering had a taste of revolt and anger to resist the bad moves of the government while committing to propose a new decentralization.

Basically, we must build a new secular, social, ecological, democratic and feminist Republic with new local freedoms and territorial autonomy, and this forty years after the decentralization laws, a central achievement of the union of the left. We carry an ambition of political conquest through equal rights, popular ecology, emancipatory solidarity, happy rurality, relentless anti-racism and real feminism. Faced with the liberal, authoritarian and centralizing bloc which mistreats and ignores local communities, facing the fascist bloc which wants to establish itself in rural areas, the municipal elections of 2026 must sound the tocsin for power for the presidential and legislative elections of 2027.


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