Loire. How Reynaud came to ask for Perdriau’s resignation


New episode of « the Perdriau affair », without sound recording but with SMS communicated to La Tribune-Le Progrès. It all starts with a request for clarification, following articles published in recent days, from the mayor of Saint-Etienne and president of Saint-Etienne Métropole (SEM), implicated for three months in a case of alleged blackmail to intimate video.

Here is the text transmitted by Gaël Perdriau (1): « I am surprised by the content of Hervé Reynaud’s remarks in the interview granted to La Tribune-Le Progrès published today [vendredi 2 décembre sur leprogres.fr , samedi 3 décembre dans le quotidien papier, NDLR]. They are in total contradiction with what he told me and wrote to me on Thursday evening, and where he tells me that he did not sign the communiqué of the 25 elected officials from the Loire sent in the afternoon by the regional councillor, Jean-Pierre Taite, and that he…


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