Live | War in Ukraine, energy issue and pressure on Europe

In recent weeks, the war in Ukraine has entered a new phase. The recent successes of Ukrainian forces on the battlefield have prompted Russia to attack the civilian population.

Since October 10, Russia has launched more than 200 cruise missiles and suicide drones into Ukraine’s power grid, a crucial piece of civilian infrastructure.

Will winter and the accompanying cold be able to turn the tide in favor of Russia?

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that Ukraine succeeded in repelling the Russian invasion thanks to arms deliveries and the sharing of intelligence from its Western allies, especially Europe.

Europe too sees a difficult winter dawning on the horizon, as it finds itself at the heart of an energy crisis with the loss of Russian gas supplies.

Could it even undermine public support for the war effort?

We are taking stock live this afternoon with Frédéric Mérand, director of the political science department at the University of Montreal, and Magdaline Boutros, journalist at the To have to.

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