Live near water? Get flood insurance, says FEMA administrator after Ian.

Hurricane Ian caused widespread flooding across the state of Florida, with some homes « still under water, » Criswell said. The death toll rose to more than four dozen over the weekend. Many died in Florida by drowning.

Everyone should understand their disaster risk, whether they live on the coast, inland or in « tornado alley, » Criswell said. Those rebuilding in Florida after Ian should also “make informed decisions about their risk” if they choose to rebuild in the same location.

The state must aggressively tackle potential fraud in the insurance market, Sen said. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) said Sunday on NBC’s « Meet the Press. »

In order to get insurance companies to do business in Florida, « you have to have stricter building codes…but on top of that you have to make sure there’s no fraud » , Scott said.

Strict building codes are also needed to ensure the safety of people who choose to rebuild in desirable but vulnerable areas, Scott said on CBS’ « Face the Nation. »

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat, said he was pushing people in his state to get flood insurance.

« We know that especially in these areas that are hit time and time again, we need to be more resilient, » Cooper said.

Mobile prefab housing – which has been criticized as unsafe in natural disaster-prone areas – can be “good for people to make sure they have affordable housing,” said Cooper, who was asked if it had to be banned.

« It’s kind of all of the above, » said Scott, when asked about mobile prefab housing on NBC’s « Meet the Press. »

Scott, a former governor of Florida, said he was concerned about the costs because he “grew up in a poor family… You impact the poorest families every time you raise the cost of something. . But you also want to keep people safe.


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