Lieutenant Governor Lakhani, her husband named patron of the Royal Alex Hospital Foundation

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The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation has bestowed one of its highest honors on Alberta Lieutenant Governor Salma Lakhani and her husband, Dr. Zaheer Lakhani.

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They were recently named honorary patrons of the health care fundraising group, a rare nomination that only three others have received.

The patrons are named in recognition of a long-standing commitment to Edmonton Central Hospital and the foundation. A patron was last recognized nearly a decade ago, when philanthropist Dale Sheard received the title in 2014 for helping establish Lois Hole Hospital for Women. Prior to that, William K. and Mary Jo Robbins became inaugural patrons in 2007, in recognition of their long history of giving.

The latest appointments are “honorary” for now due to the Lieutenant Governor. Lakhani’s current position as the representative of the head of state in the province.

Both Lakhanis came to Canada after becoming stateless when their home country of Uganda expelled the Asian minority population in the 1970s.

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Foundation President and CEO Sharlene Rutherford said it’s remarkable how much the two have given to the community and the healthcare field since then.

According to Rutherford, Zaheer Lakhani is the longest serving board member in their history. In addition to his services and work as a cardiologist, the foundation recognizes him and his wife for their charitable giving, volunteer work and leadership.

Prior to her appointment as Lieutenant Governor in 2022, Salma Lakhai helped lead community campaigns supporting women’s health and promoting services for immigrant women and their families.

“They truly demonstrate the commitment and acts of service that continue to help improve health care,” Rutherford said.

“The reason it’s so rare is that the level of service is such that for many it runs through a good part of a person’s life.”

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