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Letters to the Editor, June 24, 2022

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As we suffocate into an early onset of “dog age,” it’s likely some of us will be more aware of climate change. It can be difficult to look ahead five or ten years, but the future starts today and summer temperatures are only going to soar. What can we do to reverse this trend? Governments can talk about reducing carbon emissions to tackle the climate change crisis, but talking will not be enough and frankly, we are not ready to give up our amenities (C1). Many of these conveniences evolved during the “age of plastics”, which saw the catastrophic increase of organic by-products (carbon) in the troposphere, leading to global warming. This resulting climate crisis (C2) on our planet cannot be ignored any more than a cancer of the human body, i.e. the process follows a course of extrapolation, producing a “domino effect”. While the warning signs are clear, we are in denial and selfishly living for today. Our children and grandchildren are mostly indoctrinated with this short-term philosophy of life. Governments and corporations will do little to change course. Only people can do it, but do we want to be inconvenienced?

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(So ​​what you’re saying is Trudeau’s carbon tax won’t solve the climate problem? We could have told you that. But governments already have tough environmental standards in place and Canadians are all doing their part)

I thought we had heard the end of Catherine McKenna, but alas Lorrie Goldstein had to call her back (“Whole lot of wasted green”, June 19). Would she change her tune for a new melody, different from her unobtainable false predictions in 2015, 2018 and 2019? We’ll never know because she’s now the chair of the United Nations High-Level Panel on Net Zero Emissions Commitments by Non-State Entities, a position to which she was obviously appointed by a bureaucrat in the UN that was unaware of its lack of success on the climate file and its inability to successfully manage or predict the Liberals’ greenhouse gas reduction targets.

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(Liberals Fail Up – It’s Something to See)

Regarding “Many Incompetent Trudeau Cabinet Members Should Be Fired” (Brian Lilley, June 18): Kudos to Lilley for stating the obvious that with many key departments, transportation, public safety, public affairs, passports, world affairs are in total shambles, it is necessary to give the boot to the ministers in charge. Given the fiscal mess Canada finds itself in, finances are certainly another need for a leadership upgrade. Trudeau touts his cabinet as the most diverse ever, following his belief that diversity is our strength! We can also add that it is the weakest cabinet in history filled with incompetents! As Trudeau has shown that he sticks to those he appoints even if they are above their heads, massive personnel changes cannot be expected.

(We can add another to the list – political interference in the RCMP. At some point they need to be held accountable)