Letters to the Editor, August 28, 2022

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Once again, a left-hander is wrong on the issue of abortion in the United States. In Warren Kinsella’s Aug. 21 column « PM, Poilievre Fueling Division, » he states that « US Supreme Court conservatives say women’s wombs are public property. » Contrary to the incessant cries of leftists (a strategy advocated by former Environment Secretary Catherine McKenna), the United States Supreme Court did not ban abortions south of our border. What the conservatives on the United States Supreme Court said was that the issue of abortion, under the United States Constitution, was outside the jurisdiction of the federal government. It’s a problem for voters residing in each state to decide whether to allow abortions on demand, or in special circumstances, or not at all. I suggest that Kinsella familiarize herself with the writings of Thomas Sowell or Walter E. Williams to better understand that the intention of the framers of the US Constitution was to limit the powers of the US federal government by having a decentralized system. (It’s a system we could use here in Canada.) As a political pundit, Kinsella should be either embarrassed or ashamed to perpetuate this leftist lie, either out of ignorance or deliberate deception.

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Bruce Etheridge

(It’s easier to say it was banned, because that message resonates with people)


What about Warren Kinsella and his fascination with Pierre Poilievre? (« PM, Poilievre Fueling Division, » Aug. 21) Did Peter pee in his cornflakes at some point or reject him for some other reason? I’ve listened to Warren when he talks to Jerry Agar on his radio show or when he and Brian Lilley have a chat, and Warren seems like a perfectly reasonable person who knows his stuff and is very interesting. However, when Pierre’s name comes up, Warren seems to lose all sense of reason. Get over it, Warren, he’s our next prime minister.

Mike Entz

(Kinsella is one of Trudeau’s harshest critics and does not believe he should be prime minister. His view is that Poilievre cannot win a general election and therefore gives Trudeau another advantage)

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Re “PM, Poilievre fueling the divide” (Warren Kinsella, August 21): What a load of leftist bullshit. I don’t know why they give you the ink.

Geoffrey Corfield
London, Ont.

(Because it offers another perspective)


Does this sound completely tone deaf or is it just me? Alex Baldwin is now complaining that since the tragic on-set death of a cinematographer he was involved in, he’s lost five jobs (« Alec Baldwin on the impact of the fatal Rust shooting on his career », Bang Showbiz, August 22). Is it time for self-pity, or do you think it might just be a little too soon?

Al Willey

(He is deaf)

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