Letters to the Editor, August 27, 2022

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I encourage your readers to read and consult Dr. Leslyn Lewis, who is running for the leadership of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Canada. Don’t write it off easily. Everything I have read and heard about him is very positive. A cooperative and collaborative woman. A woman who has her doctorate and who has achieved ambitious goals in fields such as business, environment, education and law.

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Denis Seeley

(The choice is yours)


Bell certainly missed Lisa LaFlamme’s firing. But that doesn’t mean it was ageism, sexism, or any other ism. I’ve always watched CTV News and watched LaFlamme go from competent reporter to smug and important political operator. I would often change the channel when she put on one of her sad looks and shook her head significantly, showing her disappointment in others. She wasn’t Lloyd or Walter, she was closer to Dan Rather.

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David Woodley

(Keep the remote handy)


Re “Practically Canadian” (Greg Harder, August 19): Had a long day at work today. When I got home, I finally had the chance to read the newspaper. When I got to the penultimate page, I saw that Greta Van Fleet is on tour in Canada. I love this band and thought I’d like to see them. I googled their tour and found they were in Toronto tonight. Thanks for the information.

Jacques Archibald

(Come on, man)


Re “Sly as a Fox” (Letters to the Editor, August 21): I pay Cogeco $7 a month to get Fox News and it’s money well spent. Not only is it the only conservative mainstream media, but it shows what is really happening in the world – not just the leftist “media spin” that is shown on both sides of the border. If it doesn’t follow their narrative, the media simply bury it. For example, the Seattle riots in 2021, which the media said was just a protest and the summer of love while Fox showed rioters burning buildings, looting, beating people, taking over of police stations and federal buildings in real time. The thousands of current migrants who relentlessly cross the southern border of the United States are shown every day – nowhere else is it shown. Fox’s lowest-ranked program has been said to top all competitors combined. See it yourself and don’t just rely on how others describe it.

Patrick Delaney
Niagara Falls, Ont.

(Fox on the Run is a sweet track)


A message to those who spend their time and energy vandalizing statues and renaming roads, schools, etc. Killing Fields, the Rwandan genocide. Knowing the story should create more balance in their selective outrage.

Bill Chapman
Trenton, Ont.

(Where does it end?)


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