Letter to the editor: No soul-searching needed for Caps star Ovechkin

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Re: LILLEY: Ovechkin’s support for Putin’s murderous reason not to celebrate number 8, column, online edition, December 26

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I’m a huge Great 8 fan. I don’t need to do any self-reflection. The Washington Capitals star is Russian and he supports the leader and his country. It’s completely his business. I have no time for Putin at all, and this is mine.

Columnist Brian Lilley should do his own soul-searching. Ukrainian President Vlodomyr Zelenskyy leads one of the most corrupt nations in the world, certainly rivaling that of Russia. Maybe Mr. Lilley should do some real investigative reporting on how this conflict actually started.

By the way, Brian, I have no doubt that Ovi will break Wayne Gretzky’s record.

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(In the words of Brian Lilley, “Russia under Putin has once again become the type of country where ordinary citizens are oppressed, where the freedoms that Ovi enjoys in North America are non-existent. »


Re: LILLEY: Ovechkin’s support for Putin’s murderous reason not to celebrate number 8, column, online edition, December 26

I couldn’t agree more with Brian Lilley. Ovi shouldn’t be dubbed the « Great 8 »; he should be nicknamed « Da Bomb ». If the crowd had the guts, they would have let out a chant of « Gordie, Gordie, Gordie Howe » before Ovi broke the record with Vladimir Putin’s assists.



(Thanks for writing.)


Having proudly served in the RCMP for nearly four decades, it is heartbreaking to see public confidence so low. The current RCMP is very “woke”, but it seems to have drifted away from what Canadians expect of it. It took more than 100 years to make the RCMP a well-known and respected police organization around the world. It only took a few weak leaders to destroy this legendary reputation. Restoring public trust will not be easy and will require strong and highly skilled leadership.

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The Trudeau government currently seems far too involved in dictating RCMP policies and priorities. Recall that the RCMP currently performs the same types of functions as the US FBI, DEA, Customs and Excise, USINS, Homeland Security and other agencies. In addition, in Canada, it performs provincial police duties in all provinces except Quebec and Ontario. This requires an act of juggling, which means resources are scattered.

To save the RCMP and restore the necessary public support, serious consideration of the best way forward for the RCMP seems necessary.



(A review doesn’t do much but throw money after evil, if you ask us.)


I see our so-called Minister of Transport recently opened his mouth and criticized Via Rail because there was a fallen tree on the tracks and Via I guess didn’t move it fast enough.

This distraught Transport Minister Omar Alghabra seems to have forgotten he had been asleep at the switch for weeks over disastrous overcrowding, delays etc at Pearson airport when it reopened to flights in the spring last.

He should have been fired last spring.



(He was clearly too busy giving Santa permission to enter Canadian airspace last week…Seriously. Watch Omar Alghabra giving Santa permission to take off on YouTube.)

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