Let’s look at the toxic culture of junior hockey and change it

‘One step forward’ as CEO, board resigns, Oct. 12

There is a piece missing from this puzzle and frankly an elephant in the room.

I am a mother of a son and a daughter who have played high level hockey for many years and an educator involved in coaching for many years.

Parents need to reflect on their possible contribution to the early formation of misogynistic attitudes and a sense of entitlement through their comments and behaviors.

I have attended many games as a mother and coach where the comments and behaviors of some parents have been nothing less than abusive and directed at referees, coaches, other players and other parents.

These conversations continue in the car on the way back to the parking lot, at the snack bar, on Twitter and Facebook, etc. It’s shocking.

No wonder these kids see themselves as invincible and entitled.

Sometimes we look for scapegoats and ignore what is happening in our own backyard.

This is the basic level. Not the upper brass. The stage is set and some parents are important contributors.

This is a multi-level issue that needs to be addressed and addressed as such.

One arena displayed a plaque reminding us to put our children’s sport into perspective. It reads:

« They are children

« It’s a game

“Coaches are volunteers

“Referees are human

« It’s not the Stanley Cup Final.

“Respect the game! »

I would add: Have fun!

It is a culture. Let’s work together to model respect!

It is the greatest gift we can give to our children.

Sport, in its purest form, will be an experience that fosters respect, teamwork, self-discipline and respect for all who play a part.

Donna ModesteBowmanville, Ont.

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