Léonardois panettones tasted across Quebec


One of the 24 best panettones in the world, the Italian dried fruit cakes from Viva panettone, a Leonard company, will be distributed across Quebec this Saturday, November 26.

Quebecers will be able to taste this medal-winning cake during this Great Panettones Tasting Viva, where they will be sold in dozens of bakeries across nine regions of the province.

The small company whose products are made in the borough of Saint-Léonard in Montreal distinguished itself last April by being selected among the 24 finalists for the Panettone World Cup.

However, the workshop has a recent history. In the midst of a pandemic, in the fall of 2021, bakers Anthony Daniele and Éric Goeury came together to create these panettones. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, the famous football player, is the company’s largest shareholder.

A unique tasting of artisanal panettones

Éric Goeury points out: in the absence of other artisanal panettones in Quebec and even in Canada, consumers often have to turn to imported industrially manufactured products.

However, according to the baker, the artisanal panettones are very different. His are precisely made from quality products such as Italian flour, Quebec honey or even organic vanilla from Guadeloupe.

This great tasting is thus an opportunity for panettone lovers from all over Quebec to eat the award-winning Viva cakes. The objective of the partnership is to provide bakeries and delicatessens with quality panettone that they would not be able to produce themselves.

The sale takes place exactly one month before Christmas, so that interested Quebecers have the opportunity to buy an artisanal panettone for their holiday meals.

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