Legislative. Véronique Mahé: « The national movement around Nupes gives me good hope »


In 2017, the presidential majority took over the 10 constituencies of the department. Five years later, the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) is present everywhere in the second round, and comes first in 8 out of 10 constituencies. A wind of hope that Véronique Mahé, Nupes-PCF candidate in the 7e constituency, to bring to the Assembly the voice of those who are not heard.

The Nupes is qualified in all the districts of Loire-Atlantique. You yourself multiplied your 2017 score by 15. How to mobilize voters for the second round?

We must continue our first-round dynamic, discuss with people, listen to them and demonstrate that I will be elected on the ground. During the campaign, we met many desperate, angry people in need of hope. We must capture the interest of a part of the electorate who no longer goes to the polls, but also of those who express an angry vote. Our outgoing deputy is very controversial, she is rarely on the benches of the Assembly, and even less in our constituency. The national movement around the Nupes gives me good hope.

You criticize a policy which is carried out on your territory to the detriment of part of the population. How do you intend to fight this fight if you are elected?

We must stop limiting the constituency to La Baule and the coast, everyone must be taken into account. I met fishermen, farmers, SMEs, associations… We want to listen to what they have to say and bring their voices to the Assembly. If I am elected, I am committed to coming back to see them every year to report on our progress. Maybe some wealthy people from La Baule feel threatened, but everyone must be represented.

You are particularly attached to health issues. Your territory is facing medical desertification. What do you intend to offer on this subject if you win?

We must first unclog the public service, by developing the salary of doctors and nurses. I myself am the president of an associative health center which operates on this basis. It is a structure piloted by a board of directors made up of volunteers. We meet strict criteria, under the control of the CPAM, which subsidizes us every year. But not all doctors want to work like this, which is why it is imperative to be able to attract them. For this, we must reintroduce public services in our territories and stop with the collective imagination of the country doctor of the last century. Finally, we must give back resources to hospitals, whether human, technical or financial.

The mayor of La Baule, Franck Louvrier, promises that « Soviet tanks will not arrive » to his town. What do you answer him?

Currently, the Soviet tanks are rather in Ukraine… More seriously, the caricature is grotesque. I was elected municipal, I am now elected regional in the left opposition. The Communists, and more broadly Nupes, respect the institutions, the voters and the Republic. If I make it to the Assembly, I will strive to work with everyone, regardless of their political label. But maybe it’s not a habit of the right.


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