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Legislative 2022. Macron has not set an “ultimatum” to the opposition, assures Grégoire

Government spokeswoman Olivia Grégoire assured Thursday that Emmanuel Macron had “not set a 48-hour ultimatum” to the opposition in his televised address, while ruling out a coalition between the presidential majority and the RN or LFI .

“I will be very clear this morning: there is no ultimatum or 48-hour question,” the government spokeswoman told FranceInfo, denying that the head of state had put pressure on the opposition. asking them to “clarify” their position by Friday evening. “The ultimatum is the end. There he opens the beginning of negotiations, the beginning of consensus and compromise. We are talking about several days, maybe even several weeks and certainly not 48 hours, ”she insisted.

The Head of State “has started a dialogue, which begins when he returns” Friday from the European summit in Brussels, added Ms. Grégoire, specifying that he “will possibly see the presidents of the political forces again and he will discuss with them while being at listening”.

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Disagree with the RN, nor LFI

“The President of the Republic is reaching out to all those who want to move the country forward,” she explained, while rejecting that the majority seek the votes it lacks within the National Rally and of La France insoumise.

“There is not a single second, at a single moment, the idea of ​​​​going to seek votes, agreements with the RN”, she explained, correcting the remarks this week of the deputy LREM Céline Calvez who expressed herself in these terms on Monday on France 5. “Can you imagine that errare humanum est and that Céline Calvez may have had remarks that were misunderstood (…)”, a-t- she underlined, assuring that the majority would have the same position with regard to LFI.

The spokeswoman also ruled out a coalition with the RN or LFI: “It’s not on the program either,” she said.

In his speech, Emmanuel Macron took note on Wednesday of the “fractures” shown by the result of the legislative elections and assured that he wanted to “build compromises” with his opponents, urging them to “clarify” their position by Friday evening.