Legault has lost control of immigration, claims PSPP

The leader of the Parti Québécois says that François Legault has lost control over immigration and that Quebecers cannot trust him. He pleads that he is more « sensitive » to immigrants than the outgoing prime minister.

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In an editorial interview with the Journal, the head of the CAQ affirmed that he was not going to the front to demand from Justin Trudeau federal powers in matters of immigration during the election campaign, because the subject is too “delicate”.

The statement « overthrew » PQ leader Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon.

“You have to read between the lines, it’s too delicate a subject because he knows very well that he won’t get anything. The problem is that we cannot trust the statements of François Legault, ”said the head of the sovereignist formation.

« He is able to say that it is a question of survival of the Nation and some time later to say: I don’t touch that anymore, I don’t talk about it anymore, » said PSPP, arguing that François Legault lost the control of all aspects of immigration.

“It’s true for permanent immigration, but it’s also true for the 177,000 people in temporary immigration. He lost control over that aspect. This is also true for Roxham Road where he has completely lost control, he has no power relationship with Ottawa”, he cursed, adding that we cannot “unfortunately” not “trust” to the outgoing prime minister.

More sensitive

Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon, affirms that he is more sensitive than François Legault on the question of immigration.

“I am more sensitive to these subjects,” he says, explaining that he wants to better integrate future arrivals. “I think we have to talk about it, in the search for a sustainable model where everyone feels good and everyone fits in. A win-win relationship for everyone.”

The PQ proposes to lower the immigration thresholds to 35,000 per year. The CAQ wishes to maintain them at 50,000 annually.


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