Leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec: hostilities are launched


The race for the succession of Dominique Anglade is unofficially launched. In addition to André Fortin and Monsef Derraji, the new interim leader of the Liberal Party Marc Tanguay could try to conquer the leadership of the party.

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The executive of the Liberal Party of Quebec has still not defined the rules of the possible race to succeed Dominique Anglade that already the potential candidates come alive.

MPs Monsef Derraji, Marc Tanguay and André Fortin

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MPs Monsef Derraji, Marc Tanguay and André Fortin

The MP for Pontiac, André Fortin, announced that he did not rule out running for the leadership of the PLQ. « I didn’t come here this morning to close the door (…) I think we have to talk to the activists about it, and that’s what I want to do, I have some ideas, » said he explained.

Even if the rules allow the interim leader to eventually be in the running for the leadership race, he maintains that it is not ideal in order to get out of the traditional framework of the PLQ and meet the citizens in the regions.

« The interim chief…can’t do that job, » he said.

Reflection for Tanguay

However, the one who inherited this position on Thursday, Marc Tanguay, declared that he had not yet started his reflection on this subject, but that “the options are open.”

« My thinking is not done on that, so yes, no, maybe, » said the pugnacious parliamentarian and deputy for LaFontaine, noting that he has always had a « gentlemen’s » relationship with André Fortin.

For now, he wants to focus on his role as interim leader and will make his intentions known when the leadership contest rules are known.

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“The role of interim leader is there to serve the caucus and to serve the party and not to serve myself,” he argued. His first mandate will be to convince Marie-Claude Nichols to rejoin the caucus. The post of third vice-president of the National Assembly which had been offered to Frantz Benjamin seems to be at the heart of the negotiations.

“Without prejudging anything, one way or the other, I will first sit down with Marie-Claude. I think we all need that. Frantz knows very well where I’m going with that,” said Mr. Tanguay, leaving some doubts.

Other candidates

In addition, the deputy of Nelligan, Monsef Derraji, is also thinking of presenting himself in order to gain access to the leadership of the party. He let it be known that he had support.

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« If I trust the last messages I received, there are a lot of people who encourage me to move forward (…) I think it’s healthy for the PLQ to have a race , to have several candidates and I encourage those who want the Liberal Party to return to the political spectrum to get started,” said Mr. Derraji.

The message seems to have been heard by the federal deputy in Louis-Hébert, Joël Lightbound, who publicly affirmed that the door was “opened”. He wants the PLQ to embark on a real debate of ideas. “What will help the Liberal Party for the rest of things … I think we have to be ready to really reconsider everything at the PLQ.”

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