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“Le temps des raspberries” presented at the closing and opening in Berlin

The series “Le temps des raspberries”, written by Florence Longpré (“Can you hear me?”) and Suzie Bouchard (“The eye of the cyclone”, “Between two sheets”), will be presented at the end of the Berlinale Series and world premiere at the 72nd edition of the Berlin International Film Festival.

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“Le temps des raspberries”, directed by Philippe Falardeau, is the second Quebec television production to be selected by the Berlinale since the beginning of the section devoted to TV series.

The series tells the story of Elisabeth, a mother of two boys who inherits the family farm following the sudden death of her husband. Although a neophyte in the matter, she decides to leave her job at the town hall to manage the farm and raise her two sons William, a young deaf boy, and Junior, a narcissistic and worried teenager, on her own.

Unaware of the trials that await her, Elisabeth will discover this new universe alongside seasonal workers while having to fight against questionable agricultural practices and a controlling in-laws.

The series produced by Julia Langlois, Annie Sirois and Carlos Soldevila from Trio Orange, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, goes to meet the other; cultural and human encounters that want to be overwhelming, but also saving, halfway between mourning and exile.

The 10 episodes of the series, shot in the summer of 2021, star Sandrine Bisson, Edison Ruiz, Micheline Lanctôt, Elijah Patrice and Paul Doucet.

“Le temps des raspberries” will be available in Quebec on the Club illico platform on April 14, 2022.