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Le Pen takes the head of the RN group, “co-presidency” for EELV, Vallaud at the PS

► Boris Vallaud elected president of the socialist group, Marine Le Pen acclaimed at the RN

The deputy of the Landes Boris Vallaud was elected Thursday, June 23 president of the Socialist Party group in the National Assembly. He replaces Valérie Rabault, who has held this position since April 2018.

After being elected by acclamation, Marine Le Pen took over as planned the head of the National Rally group, with 89 deputies. The day before, Aurore Bergé had been elected to chair the Renaissance group, Mathilde Panot for the LFI group, André Chassaigne for the Communists and Olivier Marleix for the LR group.

► Symbolic co-presidency among ecologists

The environmentalists have decided to show their desire for parity by appointing Thursday as “co-presidents” of the group the national secretary of EELV Julien Bayou, elected in Paris, and the deputy of Isère Cyrielle Chatelain.

This two-headed leadership is not, however, recognized by the regulations of the Assembly, which provides for only one president per group. The two leaders of the group should therefore take turns as president while hoping for a modification of the regulations.

► The opposition reacts to Emmanuel Macron’s statement

Emmanuel Macron took note Wednesday evening June 22 of the “fractures” shown by the result of the legislative elections and assured of wanting “building compromises” with his opponents, urging them to ” clarify “ their positioning by Friday evening.

“The president is trying to save what remains of the presidential office”, commented in the evening Marine Le Pen. The RN deputies, she nevertheless promised, will “to examine the texts in the light of the interest of the French and of France”.

Even clearer dismissal from other opponents of the president. Thus Jean-Luc Mélenchon thundered: “It is useless to dissolve the reality of the vote by filling it with considerations and appeals of all kinds”. He again called on Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to seek confidence by a vote of the deputies, and to resign if she does not obtain it.

On the right, the new leader of the LR deputies, Olivier Marleix, also rejected any idea of “blank check, moreover on an unclear project”. Same tone for the socialist Olivier Faure: “No, the political formations do not have to answer him how far they are ready to go to give him a blank check”. For his part, the communist Fabien Roussel denounced a ” speech of the method” which “aims to evacuate its responsibility and to change nothing of its project”.

► Yaël Braun-Pivet candidate for the presidency of the National Assembly

Overseas Minister Yaël Braun-Pivet will be the majority candidate for the presidency of the National Assembly next Tuesday. She was nominated by a joint vote on Wednesday with MPs MoDem and Horizons.

The former president of the law commission at the Palais-Bourbon, re-elected deputy for Yvelines on Sunday, is on track to succeed Richard Ferrand, defeated in the second round of the legislative elections. It would then be the first time in France that a woman would become President of the Assembly.

► Olivia Grégoire excludes a departure from the government of Chrysoula Zacharopoulou

Government spokesperson Olivia Grégoire ruled out any departure of Secretary of State for Development Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, accused of rape by two complainants. “We let justice legislate, if these complaints were to give rise to other acts of justice, decisions would be made”she said, adding that he was “essential that justice can work independently of political power”.

An investigation was opened after the filing of two rape complaints against the Secretary of State, the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed on Wednesday. The first complaint denouncing facts of rape was filed on May 25 and the investigation opened two days later, before a second complaint dated June 16 for facts of the same nature. According to the weekly Mariannethe facts alleged against Chrysoula Zacharopoulou were allegedly committed in the context of her profession as a gynecologist.