laugh at the theatre… at the theatre!

Fancy a good laugh? Visit Showtime – A big play chez Duceppe is the perfect plan.

The Bocal Project of the trio composed of Sonia Cordeau, Raphaëlle Lalande and Simon Lacroix has been recognized for several years on alternative and more intimate theatrical stages for its projects with offbeat humor.

The team now steps onto the stage of one of the province’s biggest theaters with the wherewithal to push their craziness and creativity to new levels. And it’s mission accomplished!

Raphaëlle Lalande in Showtime. Credit: Danny Taillon.

Enjoyable satire

The play is a mise en abime: the three artists interpret their own roles, embodying creators who must put on an ambitious play for the Duceppe Theater.

This amusing premise allows them to play with theatrical conventions and make fun of certain clichés of the medium.

Improvisation, musical comedy, documentary, experimental, covers of American plays… all styles are twisted, parodied in a hilarious way. Either way, the satire is excellent.

The tone is mocking, but sympathetic. It is above all a rolling fire of jokes, deployed with inventiveness, for a most irresistible result.

Until December 17 at the Duceppe Theater.

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