LaSalle asks Quebec for its support in the fight against domestic violence

The LaSalle borough council tabled a resolution asking the Government of Quebec to support the creation of a first-stage shelter for women victims of domestic violence and their children in LaSalle.

This resolution follows the murder of LaSalloise Gisèle Itale Betondi, mother of three young children, murdered by her ex-husband Hosea Puhya on September 8, 2022. The latter had just been released from prison after being acquitted of death threats. It would be the 8e feminicide of the year in Quebec. Another LaSalloise, Rebekah Harry, died under the blows of her spouse in March 2021.

The Mayor of LaSalle, Nancy Blanchet, said she was « deeply upset » by the tragic death of Ms. Betondi and wished to recall the « unwavering support [du conseil d’arrondissement] in the fight against feminicides”.

An outstanding shelter

The council tabled a resolution calling on the government to “deliver on promised domestic violence investments.” The Government of Quebec had also announced an investment of $324 million in 2022, for a total of $951 million invested since 2019.

Eighteen months ago, a LaSalle organization was created with a view to building a shelter within a few years to accommodate victims of domestic violence with their children, and to offer external assistance and Support.

However, the residential centre, Maison Marie-Claire Kirkland-Casgrain (MCKC), did not receive enough funds to begin construction.

The Borough granted the organization initial financial assistance of $8,403 under the Urban Security Financial Support Program, then a second of $24,115 from the Fonds québécois d’initiatives sociales (FQIS) in 2021.

The mayoress declared that she had “challenged the central city” at the last city council to ask for the support of the Plante administration for the creation of the MCKC House.

During the municipal council, Ms. Blanchet assured Subway that there would be « a meeting in the coming weeks with the members of the executive committee to inform them of the needs ». According to the mayor, funding is “the sinews of war to create a resource like this”. The mayor concluded that the borough council will continue its “communication, information sharing and awareness-raising efforts in the face of this scourge”.

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