Lamar Jackson Explains What His ‘I Need$’ Photo Really Means

Lamar Jackson didn’t want to send a message to the Ravens with his social media activity, he says.

The Ravens quarterback changed his Instagram profile picture and Twitter account header to a photo that read « I need $, » but said it was a reference to a film and not contract negotiations. The photo is from the movie « How High, » which Jackson said he enjoyed.

« I don’t know why people blow up, » Jackson told USA Today. “I just saw Bleacher Report post it. They take everything that’s posted on social media and blow it up and try to think for you. I don’t take it too seriously.

“They make it look like I’m talking to the Ravens when I’m not. Our contract discussion is already underway. But it’s not about that, though. I don’t put my professional life on social media. I will never do that. I will not put my personal life on social media. I’ll show stuff but I won’t throw subliminal [messages] out. It is not me. »

Lamar Jackson caused a stir by changing his Twitter header photo and Instagram profile picture.

Jackson and the Ravens are negotiating a new deal, which the former NFL MVP says will « hopefully » be by training camp.

« I’m not going to say ‘yeah’ right now, » Jackson said. « Hopefully. But it’s God’s timing.

Jackson, 25, added that he’s not currently thinking about holding training camp. He gave no details of the ongoing negotiations.

lamar jackson
Lamar Jackson throws a pass during Ravens minicamp on June 15, 2022.

Jackson’s deal will likely put him in the league’s top quarterback bracket, earning around $40 million a year. He is currently in the final year of his rookie contract and is expected to earn $23 million in 2022.


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