Labor dispute in Nunavik: Raglan Mine submits a new offer

Raglan Mine, a Glencore company, announced on Sunday that it had filed a new offer to the union representing the 630 workers at its mine in Nuvanik, with the aim of renewing their collective agreement and ending the labor dispute.

These employees, members of the United Steelworkers local section 9449, have been on strike since May 27. In a press release, Raglan Mine announced that this offer comes a few days after the union’s decision to leave the negotiating table on July 7th.

« We obviously have not been able to find common ground with the union representatives, but we sincerely hope that this offer can put an end to the labor dispute as quickly as possible, » said the vice-president of Mine Raglan, Pierre Barrett.

The largest employer in Nunavik considers the offer to be competitive.

« [L’offre] is beneficial for all and allows Raglan Mine employees to obtain the best working conditions in the industry,” said the company.


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