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Kingston, Ont.  sleeping cabins move from Portsmouth Olympic Harbor to Center 70 Arena – Kingston

Kingston City Council has voted to formally approve the relocation of sleeping cabins from Portsmouth Olympic Harbor to Center 70 Arena.

The 10 cabins were moved Wednesday a few miles up the road to their new location.

“I’m thrilled – we’re excited to meet new neighbors,” says Chrystal Wilson, executive director of Our Livable Solutions, which operates the sleeping cabins.

“We will certainly miss our winter neighbors. It’s a lot of work in a short time, but we really appreciate the support we’re getting from the City of Kingston to move quickly.

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The cabins are moved so that boaters can use the facilities during the summer at the port.

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While the cabins are transported, their residents are accommodated at a local hotel at a cost of approximately $15,000.

The Center 70 arena was chosen as the new site because it has facilities for residents and is close to public transportation.

“We have similar facilities to what we have here, just a few more bathrooms and a few more showers,” says Wilson.

“Also an ice rink for rollerblading or playing floor hockey. In terms of kitchen, bathroom and showers, we will have all these facilities.

The cabins were widely hailed as a success during its winter pilot season.

But they are not a long-term solution.

The shacks provide good short-term relief to a small portion of the homeless population, but there are many other homeless people who are not lucky enough to use the shacks.

“We have a big problem with affordable housing, with housing for our homeless people,” Coun said. Wayne Hill at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Wilson echoes Hill’s statement, saying housing is the long-term solution.

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“Our biggest problem is finding housing — accessible housing,” she says.

“It’s still a big challenge. If anyone is sure [Ontario Disability Support Program] or [Ontario Works]$497 won’t even get you a room anymore.

Kingston City Council has agreed to keep the cabins at Center 70 for the summer and fall.

In mid-October the cabins will be brought back to Portsmouth Olympic Harbor for the winter, providing another year of safety for its 10 residents.

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