Kingston, Ont., Council Candidate Considering Requesting a Recount – Kingston

It was a slim margin in the race for councilor in the Loyalist-Cataraqui district of Kingston, Ont.

Monday’s election saw Paul Chaves win over Jacqui Collier by just 35 votes out of 3,383 votes cast in the district, a difference of just over one percent.

Collier said it was so close she was exploring options for a recount.

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« When it’s such a small margin, I just think a recount is just good practice, » she said.

His opponent and current elected Loyalist-Cataraqui councilor Chaves said he was not surprised.

“Well, it was a close race. There were only 35 votes, so I’m not totally surprised. You have to give it to the voters in this neighborhood, they came out,” he said.

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The City of Kingston does not have a bylaw that triggers a recount for a narrow margin, only one for an exact tie.

However, the city council could vote to review an upcoming meeting if they so choose.

The other way to order a recount is a bit more complicated.

« A person who has reasonable grounds to believe that the election results are questionable may apply to the Superior Court of Justice to order the Clerk to conduct a recount, » said the Deputy Clerk and Assistant Returning Officer for the Monday’s election, Janet Jaynes. .

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Collier said she’s considering going that route, but admits it’s a big undertaking.

“It’s a process. If I get a lawyer, there are costs involved, I was told, in the range of $5,000 to $7,000, which is quite prohibitive,” she added.

Now the clock is ticking.

If Collier decides to pursue the Superior Court’s order, she has 30 days from Tuesday’s certification to file her claim.

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If the order is granted by the superior court, the city will have 15 days to hold the recount.

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