King Charles to Liz Truss: « Dear oh my dear »

As if things weren’t bad enough for British Prime Minister Liz Truss, now even the King is joining us!

Truss, whose start in the top job was an absolute disaster, held his first weekly audience with King Charles at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday and received an unusual welcome.

Truss curtsied and said, « Your Majesty » as the two shook hands, to which the King said, « So you’ve come back? »

Truss then said « It is a great pleasure », to which the King replied, « Dear, oh my dear. Anyway… »

Truss had a rocky start as prime minister, taking office just two days before Queen Elizabeth II died. Truss and his chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, then caused market turmoil following an unfunded promise to cut taxes and a now-discarded plan to abolish the top income tax rate.

Asked about the King’s comments on LBC radio, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly accused host Nick Ferrari of calling the King’s comments a « political statement ».

« I consider that a much more empathetic statement, » Cleverly said. « He [the king] recognizes that all of us – everyone in the country – face a very difficult winter ahead.


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