Kanye West denounces that Pete Davidson was “a pawn sent to antagonize him” so that he loses custody of his children

By Brent Furdyk.

Did Pete Davidson date Kim Kardashian due to mutual attraction or was he secretly sent into her life by unnamed forces as a ‘pawn’ who would push Kanye West into ‘illegal’ activity that would harm him? would it cost to take care of his children?

The latter is the latest conspiracy theory concocted by Kanye West, which he shared with his 16.9 million Instagram followers on Saturday, September 3.

In his post, West references a comment by NFL star Tom Brady that led him to conclude that Brady “must hate Skete too, let him ooooooone,” continuing to use his nickname “Skete for the “Saturday Night Live” alum.

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“Hi North, I’m Skete. Look at my Tattooooos,” West continued.

“I’m a pawn sent here to antagonize your dad in hopes he’ll do something illegal so we can get him out of your life,” West wrote.

“Of [sic] hi saint look at my tattoo i have your name tattooed on my body,” West wrote, before also snapping some snaps at rap rival Kid Cudi.

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“I also have a Kid Cudi tattoo but no one knows who he is, I was like he works at the Bape store selling Daniel Cherry hats to tourists,” West wrote.

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