Kamloops designer set to showcase ‘edgy womenswear’ at New York Fashion Week

Canadian fashion designer Delayne Dixon plans to impress runway audiences with her “edgy” and enduring collection when she returns to New York Fashion Week for the first time since the pandemic began.

Dixon, of Kamloops, British Columbia, is expected to bring eight local models to New York for the Sept. 9-14 event, which is one of four major fashion weeks in the world.

Over the past decade, Dixon, 30, has designed clothes for online clients around the world and presented her work at fashion shows in Amsterdam, New York and Paris.

Some of her career highlights include Emmy-nominated Hollywood TV host Rasha Goel wearing one of her dresses on the Oscars red carpet in March.

“There was a photo online that she…she’s interviewing, and then Kevin Costner and his [wife] were right behind her,” Dixon said on CBC Sunrise Kamloops. “I’m a big fan of [his TV drama series] Yellowstone.”

Hollywood TV host Rasha Goel was pictured wearing a dress designed by Delayne Dixon, with actor Kevin Costner and his wife Christine Baumgartner in the background. (rashagoel/Instagram)

“Spicier Stuff”

Originally from Alberta, Dixon says she started studying marketing at the University of Vancouver, but then switched to fashion design, simply because she loved it since high school.

“I didn’t really know how to sew when I was a kid,” she said. “But I was always into fashion, especially towards the end of my high school years – I was really into style and everything.”

Dixon says she enjoys designing “fashion-forward women’s clothing.”

Kamloops, British Columbia, fashion designer Delayne Dixon is due to attend the New York Fashion Show September 9-14. (Submitted by Delayne Dixon)

“I definitely like the spicier stuff,” she said. “I use a lot of black and red and faux leather [and] faux fur – it’s definitely state-of-the-art stuff.”

She says she’s inclusive in her designs, making every piece up to size 6XL, and she uses sustainable fabrics whenever possible.

Kamloops model Emily Phillips, who will appear at New York Fashion Week, says she contacted Dixon two years ago to collaborate because she loved his “super amazing” enduring designs.

Kamloops model Emily Phillips praises Delayne Dixon’s use of sustainable clothing materials. (Submitted by Delayne Dixon)

“We live in a world where… fashion is constantly being pushed into the dustbin with ‘fast fashion’ companies,” Phillips said.

“[Dixon] uses as many sustainable products as she can, and she sources from people who support good labor laws.”

This will be Phillips’ first appearance at New York Fashion Week and she says she’s been training hard for the Big Apple show.

Dixon says she’s super excited about what she describes as an enjoyable “monster event.”

“I really enjoy the vibe of all the people,” she said.

“Behind the scenes is so exciting. It’s hectic…I’ve been working on this collection for about six months and it all comes down to this 15 minute show.”

Models of Delayne Dixon backstage at a previous New York Fashion Week event. (Submitted by Delayne Dixon)


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