Justice. Rapper Kaaris placed in police custody for violence against his former partner

Rapper Kaaris, accused of violence by his ex-girlfriend, was placed in police custody Wednesday morning in Essonne, in the Paris suburbs, said the Evry prosecution. Kaaris, a 42-year-old rapper from Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) who achieved success with the release of his album « Or Noir » in 2013, is accused by his ex-girlfriend of having assaulted her in Linas (Essonne). ), south of Paris, on January 19, 2021.

“It was we who insisted that Kaaris be heard quickly,” assured one of his lawyers, Me Yassine Maharsi. “We asked for a confrontation. It is a classic procedure for this type of business. Our client is innocent and very serene,” he insisted. Kaaris has also filed a complaint for slanderous denunciation against his ex-companion.

Linda P., who has a child with Kaaris, denounces facts dating back to January 2021. In her complaint filed on July 7, 2022, she reports sudden and unexplained « evasive behavior » on the part of Kaaris, causing a « deep trauma » in their child.

Two weeks with crutches and a support boot

Faced with this unexplained absence, she would have tried « to reconnect » with Kaaris, explained one of her advisers Me Adrien Gabeaud, and would have discovered that the rapper had acquired « a new residence » in Linas. She goes there on January 19, 2021 and « finds Kaaris in bed » with a woman, continues her counsel, who defends her alongside Me Sema Akman.

There, Kaaris is accused of having assaulted Linda P. in the garage of his house, kicking and punching her while tearing out her nails, according to the complaint, which specifies that Linda P. needed “ crutches and a support boot for two weeks ». The complaint also targets the woman with whom Kaaris was on the day of the alleged assault, for failure to assist a person in danger.

“My client was impatiently waiting for the investigation to progress and this is an opportunity for her to highlight what she is demonstrating in the complaint,” said Me Gabeaud. « She is very determined to assert her rights and lives very badly the domestic violence of which she has been the victim », he added, specifying that the planned confrontation between his client and the rapper should take place at the end of the day. -midday.

Kaaris, Okou Gnakouri of his real name, has already had to deal with justice. He was sentenced in October 2018 to an 18-month suspended prison sentence for a fight that pitted him against his rival Booba at Orly airport.


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