Junior U-10 underdog football team heads to provincials – Okanagan

The Atom Jr. Okanagan Sun football team has won the city championships and is on its way to the provincial championships.

Head Coach Tyler Jensen says it’s been a real privilege to come this far. The underdog team started at the bottom of the league and managed to work hard and rise to the top.

“I believe the determination of the kids and some great parents that we really managed to fuse together. You give them the tools and they never let you down when it happens.

“I feel proud and happy,” said Matthew Jensen, center and captain.

“It’s really fun to do with my team and we’re really good at it,” quarterback Gavin Church said.

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The players come from a variety of backgrounds and come from all over Kelowna. The whole team raised funds, so everyone could head to the big game.

“We decided a bottle drive was easier and the support was amazing. People are fresh out of woodworking and we’re very grateful for that,” Coach Jensen explained.

Players will pick up bottles at the Columbia Bottle Depot on November 13 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The team will travel to Langley for the provincial championships on December 3.


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