Joy Drop: Pascal Siakam’s gift that never stops giving

Happy Friday! What a week. This return to school has been particularly chaotic but full of energy and promise.

It’s really exciting to walk on campus among the students and the community. Speaking of the good things happening to students, Toronto Raptors center Pascal Siakam donated to the Lincoln Alexander Law School at Metropolitan University of Toronto.

Thanks to Siakam’s donation, 12 students interested in working with marginalized communities or for social change will be paid while being fully engaged in all things environmental issues, indigenous communities and more.

Siakam (known as Spicy P) is not the first Raptor to donate to post-secondary education programs, as Scottie Barnes and Fred Van Vleet have also donated. But there’s nothing I love more than a collaboration between post-secondary and sports stars for the benefit of society.

Joy comes in many forms and I love it when women’s sports and community support come together. The San Diego Wave broke an NWSL attendance record with a sold-out crowd of 32,000 in a 1-0 win over Angel City FC. This is the Waves’ first season as the league’s newest expansion team. I am convinced that women’s football will continue to write history.

This morning, my son sent me a story about one of his most beloved books since childhood: good night moon. I received this hardcover book when he was born and it was part of my nightly routine with all my children. We had it memorized. Margaret Wise Brown’s classic tale is be 75 years old!

The book came out in 1947 but some libraries refused to stock it until 1972. It’s a brilliantly simple yet gripping tale with beautiful, warm illustrations by Clement Hurd. The emotions are so sincere. Brown died in 1952 and never saw him achieve the success of selling 40 million copies worldwide. I give it to new families and look forward to reading it to my grandchildren one day.

One of my favorite social media accounts is that of a man named Abdul who raises and takes care of the kittens. He has a huge following on instagram and a YouTube channel. He posts videos about taking very good care of the tiny creatures and the work it entails for him and his wife.

He feeds them with a bottle, plays with them and often takes naps with them. And they climb on him. Sometimes he names a litter after the Great Lakes or after different cheeses. It’s a nice account and Abdul is so dedicated. As a cat, I love observing the different personalities of all the fur babies.

Canada’s women’s basketball team is behind at the FIBA ​​Championships. They are currently undefeated. All matches will be televised. Yes, it’s an early start, but let’s encourage women! Glad to see one of our favorites, Kia Nurse back on the pitch after recovering from an ACL injury last year. Nurse has missed the entire WNBA season but is back in her place, bringing the buckets.

While one of our WBB teams is playing hard in Australia, another has just picked up a win! Special mention to Canadian 3×3 Team who are the latest winners of the FIBA ​​3×3 Women’s Series 2022 in Constanta, Romania.

I love all of this so much. Have a winning weekend!

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