Joint funding recommended to support Calgary’s future extreme weather response – Calgary

City government recommends that Calgary City Council seek joint funding with the province for future extreme weather response for homeless people.

The plan was approved by the city’s community development committee on Tuesday. If approved by council, the city administration will explore a coordinated response with the Alberta government in the coming years.

It may also mean that there will be no additional funding for community outreach programs this year.

This contrasts sharply with the $750,000 one-time funding that was awarded to the Calgary Homeless Foundation last December to help expand space at city shelters and provide winter essentials.

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But Ward County 11. Kourtney Penner said community organizations aren’t completely without funding this year.

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The Calgary Homeless Foundation will still receive $2.6 million for long-term strategic work and short-term intervention work. The money will come from the city’s Community Safety Investment Framework, the remainder of the initial $750,000 investment, and funding from Alberta Health Services and United Way.

The money is expected to fund the foundation for the next four years, Penner said.

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Tents have been moved outside the Calgary homeless shelter as outreach groups respond to cold weather calls

Tents have been moved outside the Calgary homeless shelter as outreach groups respond to cold weather calls – January 6, 2022

“We know the problem is complex and unfortunately growing. The response we need is more important than what we can provide as a city,” the adviser told reporters on Wednesday.

“The province must be a partner, as it is part of its jurisdiction and its legislative responsibilities.

Ward 7 County. Terry Wong said that while last year’s program was successful, it’s important to connect Calgarians experiencing homelessness with support and resources.

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“The program was a success. We were able to provide shelter, heated shelters and basic needs,” Wong said.

“We want to make sure that when we provide services, the people doing outreach are recognized as the front line and know what people need.

« We need to give (the outreach team) the tools and resources they need to get people to the support they need instead of giving a list of prescriptive resources. »

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Calgary’s vulnerable population struggles to survive in the cold

Calgary’s vulnerable population struggles to survive in the cold – February 9, 2021

Patricia Jones, executive director of the Calgary Homeless Foundation, said the foundation is working with agencies and other advocacy groups to develop the response to this year’s extreme weather.

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In an interview with Global News, Jones said the Calgary Homeless Foundation is better equipped to respond to extreme winter weather due to ongoing relationships and building trust.

« It’s about creating warm spaces, and those spaces will be connected to other services like housing, shelter and medical services…We continue to partner with our community agencies to provide the essentials of life. ‘winter, » Jones said.

“We will work with other funders, other levels of government and other philanthropic organizations to help us deliver that to people.

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It is also important not to marginalize Calgarians experiencing homelessness, however difficult and complicated the issues may be.

« We will work with the community because homeless people are not just my problem or the government’s problem, it’s everyone’s problem, » Jones said.

“We know it’s cold in Calgary, and we have existing relationships that we’ve built throughout the year, so we won’t be in the position we were in last year.

“If (Calgarians) see anyone in our community struggling or feeling cold, be human with them and direct them to the supports that are there.

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In an emailed statement Wednesday, Community and Social Services Minister Jason Luan said the Alberta government is investing millions of dollars to operate supportive housing and build affordable housing across the province. .

Luan also said the government is committed to making rent and housing more affordable for Albertans, highlighting the province’s 10-year affordable housing strategy and rent supplement program.

“We will continue to work to explore all options to ensure vulnerable people are protected and can get the help they need,” Luan said.

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