Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones: Thank you for being a country worth fighting for

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Back. US sailor Johnny « Joey » Jones has joined « Jesse Watters Primetime » to weigh in on a Fox News poll showing pride in being an American is down 12 points from 2017 and 30 points from 2011.

JOHNNY ‘JOEY’ JONES: When you look at the two groups of people we have in this country who are the loudest right now, you have the leftist progressives and their ideas are rooted not just in victimhood, but in grievance. You know, they believe our prosperity is a by-product of oppression, centuries of it, which they feel they never left. And then you look to the right, and they see companies pandering to the woke crowd. They see what they see as CRT, they see all these types of ways that our culture, and what they believe is what has made this country prosperous, being attacked.



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