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Jim Justice: West Virginia Governor says he feels better after being diagnosed with Covid-19, credits vaccine with saving his life

“Fortunately, I feel a lot better today,” Justice said. “I desperately want to get out of this house and return to service our state. I’m not the type to hang around.”

The governor continues to experience mild symptoms and his monoclonal antibody treatment has been well received, the statement said.

“Without a doubt, choosing to get the vaccine and booster saved my life, that’s all. So, more than ever, I strongly encourage all West Virginia to protect themselves and to protect themselves. their family by being vaccinated “, judges justice. added.

The 70-year-old woke up Tuesday morning with a congestion and a cough, eventually developing a headache and fever, according to a statement released Tuesday. By the late afternoon, his blood pressure and heart rate were high and he had a high fever.

Results of a rapid test in the morning came back negative but a PCR test came back positive, said the judge, who was forced to postpone a speech on the state of the state to the West Virginia legislature.

Justice described feeling “extremely bad” on Tuesday, and Chief of Staff Brian Abraham told the West Virginia Gazette Mail in an interview on Wednesday that his symptoms were apparent.
Justice, a Republican re-elected in 2020, has been a strong advocate for vaccinations and booster doses throughout the pandemic, often using direct language to talk to voters about the benefits of vaccination.
“If you’re over there in West Virginia and you haven’t been vaccinated today, what’s the downside? justice declared in July. “If we were all vaccinated, wouldn’t you think fewer people would die? If you are not vaccinated, you are part of the problem rather than the solution.”