Jeffry Parra makes history in Capitals win

The Capitales de Québec easily beat the Ottawa Titans 8 to 1 on Saturday at Stade Canac, but it was a long ball from Jeffry Parra that really caught the eye.

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The “Caps” receiver stretched his arms for the 32nd time this season, in the first inning, setting a new team record. All Patrick Scalabrini’s men came out of the dugout to congratulate their team-mate, who at the same time gave them the lead.

Parra added some late in the game to nail the Ottawa coffin. His double to left field allowed David Glaude and Yordan Manduley to cross the plate.

Although the team from the Old Capital had no difficulty batting, pitcher Codie Paiva (9-3) was incredibly effective on the mound. He struck out seven times in as many innings, allowing only three hits in the process.

The Titans obviously seemed to have a grudge against TJ White in today’s duel. The first baseman was hit by a pitch in the fifth and seventh innings, but each time it allowed one of his teammates to complete their lap.

Kenny Williams was the pitcher who suffered the most wrath from the “Caps”. In just two innings on the mound, he allowed five earned runs on four hits and three walks.

The visitors’ only point came in a lost cause, in the eighth inning. AJ Wright dispatched an offering of Franklin Parra out of bounds to save the honor of his people.

The Capitals will try to end their dream regular season in style, on Sunday, by winning the final game of their series against the team from the Canadian capital.


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