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Jean-Claude Lord victim of a stroke

Filmmaker Jean-Claude Lord has been hospitalized since December 30 after suffering a stroke, has learned The newspaper.

His son, Jean-Sébastien Lord, confirmed the information in an exchange of written messages, stressing that the family prefers to remain discreet about his state of health. “We are not yet ready to give details except that the situation is very difficult,” he said.

Aged 78, Jean-Claude Lord marked the history of Quebec television by directing the first season of the cult series Lance and count, in the mid-1980s.

We also owe him fifteen films including Bingo (1974), Tell us about love (1976), Panic (1977) and The frog and the whale (1987). He also shot a few feature films in English including the horror thriller Visiting Hours, starring William Shatner and Michael Ironside.

Most recently, he directed several episodes of the first season of the popular series. District 31.

In 2017, Jean-Claude Lord received the Guy-Mauffette Lifetime Achievement Award, one of the most prestigious awards awarded by the Government of Quebec in the field of culture.

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