Jean Boulet « disqualified » as Minister of Immigration

Jean Boulet was « disqualified » as Minister of Immigration in a second term of the CAQ, said Premier François Legault, because of offensive comments about immigrants.

Last September 21, during a debate in Mauricie, Minister Boulet declared that 80% of immigrants “do not work, do not speak French, or do not adhere to the values ​​of Quebec society”. For François Legaut, his minister made remarks in « the heat of the moment » which are « not acceptable » and « false ». On Mario Dumont’s show, he claimed that Jean Boulet « disqualified himself » as Minister of Immigration.

The minister later apologized on his twitter account for the comments he made during the debate, explaining that he had “poorly expressed” his thoughts.

Legault outbids immigration thresholds

François Legault returned this morning to his minister’s remarks during a conference at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM). He stressed that his minister made a “serious error of judgment” in making these remarks.

More information to come…


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