James Cameron admits Jack ‘could have survived’ in Titanic

James Cameron has acknowledged that Jack ‘may’ have survived following a re-investigation into the debate over the infamous Titanic door.

Since the blockbuster’s release in 1997, fans have wondered if the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, could have climbed the broken door alongside Rose, played by Kate Winslet, during the emotional final sequence.

After conducting a “forensic investigation” into this theory as part of the National Geographic special, Titanic: 25 years laterJames Cameron confessed that there was a slim chance that Jack would have survived if he and Rose had placed their chests on the door and only had their lower legs in the water.

James Cameron admits Jack 'could have survived' in Titanic

“Final verdict: Jack might have survived but there are a lot of variables,” he said of the results, according to an excerpt obtained by RollingStone. In a well-lit experience in a test pool, we cannot simulate the terror, the adrenaline, all the things that would have worked against them. (Jack) couldn’t do a bunch of different experiments to see what worked best. Jack’s survival could have come at the cost of Rose’s. From what I know today, I would have reduced the raft, so there would be no doubt.

james cameron

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james cameron

For the experiment, James Cameron and his team employed stuntmen to stage four different scenarios. In one test, the filmmaker noted that Jack most likely would have suffered from hypothermia and died within 20 minutes, while in one where Jack and Rose only had their torsos on the raft and their entire legs in the water. , they concluded that they would both freeze to death.

Titanic: 25 years later will be released on February 5.


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